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Since 2017, Bolt Storage has acquired 62 properties and 1.9 million square feet

Bolt bought my 30k square foot facility in Ellijay GA for $3 million - the closing was stress free and the team was super professional.

Brett A.

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How it works

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    Get documents

    We request your unit mix, rent roll and a few other documents about your self storage facility.

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    Make Offer

    We schedule a site-visit and make you a strong offer for your property.

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    Proceed to closing

    We go under contract and close 30-60 days later, working with you along the way.

Working with us

Bolt Storage

  • Receive an offer in days

  • Just deal with us

  • Professional closing process

  • Top dollar value

Traditional Sale

  • An offer can take months

  • Deal with a broker and tire kickers

  • Stressful closing

  • Pay 5-6% off the top to brokers

Start planning for the future

Many property owners request an offer from us even though they aren’t quite ready to sell. They use it to get an idea of the value, get bank financing or do estate planning.

We are happy to give you a formal Letter of Intent so you can talk to your CPA or do tax planning as well. Later, if you get more serious about selling, we can pick up the conversation where we left off.

Our Numerous Successful Deals

Bolt acquired a 4 property portfolio in Elmira, NY in January of 2021 - listed publicly by a national broker.

$9 million

Bolt acquired a 3 property portfolio in Moneta, VA in June of 2022 - listed publicly by a prominent northeast brokerage group.

$6 million

Bolt acquired a 3 property portfolio in Abingdon, VA in March of 2022 - through direct contact with the seller.

$9 million

Bolt closed on a 30,000 square foot property in Hamden, Connecticut in June of 2021 - listed publicly by a local brokerage group.

$2 million

Bolt paid over $100 per square foot for a property in Milledgeville, GA in July 2021 - through direct contact with the owner.

$5 million

Bolt acquired 3 properties in northeast GA at the same time for over $75 per foot between March and August 2021.

$12 million

Our experienced team

Bolt Storage, founded in 2011 as Storage Squad, has grown from a college student summer storage service to owning and operating 63 self-storage locations in 11 states. With 1.9 million rentable square feet and over 15,000 individual units, we prioritize a seamless rental experience, exceptional customer service, and superior storage solutions for our customers.


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Dan Hagberg



Kevin Wickham



Tony B.



Jon Salvador



Wes Linette



”Working with Bolt produced the best financial outcome possible.”

”We listed with a broker and our property didn’t sell. A few months later Bolt approached us and made as a HIGHER offer than we had available when we went to market. Kevin and the team at Bolt are straight shooters and were honest and clear about what to expect from them during the deal. Our goal was to maximize the price we received for our business - and Bolt delivered. The closing process was simple and they were very professional leading up to closing day.”

Frank Loomis

Loomis Self Storage - Corry PA

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers below to common questions about our company and the process

What do you need to get me an offer?

We need your unit mix, management report and rent roll. If you have property taxes and insurance bills that is helpful.

How long does it take?

We close most of our deals today all-cash because interest rates are so high. So the average closing is 30-60 days.

How do you come up with the value?

We run cashflow projections based on what we can do with the property the first few years.

Where do you get your cash to make so many purchases?

Bolt is a real estate private equity company - many high net worth investors fund our deals. We have over 330 active investors across 25+ deals and 62+ properties.

What happens to my employees?

Bolt would love to explore hiring your employees to join our team - we are always growing and have several team members right now we inherited from previous owners!

What happens after closing?

We take over the utilities and the bills and we begin contacting customers. We’re done!

Sell Your Storage Facility For The Highest Price

  • No low-balls

  • Smooth process

  • Professionalism

  • We always close!


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